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Long Distance Moving Services.

Your family is the most important thing to you, as ours is to us. So why wouldn’t you provide them with the best long distance moving services in the Tampa Bay and Orlando areas?

Our long distance moving services are unlike any other Florida moving companies. We provide 24 hour contact with our drivers to make sure your movers arrive on time! We offer a guarantee that we will not bulk your move with another move assuring direct transport from pick up to delivery with no transferring of trucks. We provide a team of professional and polite staff, making for the best long distance moving experience you can imagine. We offer affordable and all inclusive rates and do NOT charge any of the extras that our competing “out of the area” movers charge. Please use the Free Moving Quote Form to get a free estimate for how we can help you with your long distance move. (Flat rates are available.)

We provide the following to you at no cost:

  • Unlimited Blankets
  • Unlimited Furniture Shrink Wrap
  • Tools
  • Disassembly & Assembly
  • Dollies (Four wheel, Appliance & Hand trucks available)
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Long Distance Moving Services Reviews

Moved 3/20/2015 – T.L.
I thought your service was great.  The men arrived on time and ready to work.  They worked HARD!  They also worked quickly which was greatly appreciated given we were paying by the hour.
You were not aware of the 2 other quotes I had for this work…One was a hard quote for the move of $2100.  The other quote was for $218/hr, estimated to be $2,000.  That’s why I wrote with so many questions…it was hard to imagine that your price could be so much less…But it was.  I saved over $900 by using your company.
As well I felt you were honest with me.  When I asked you about insurance, you were upfront that things don’t often break but they do break sometimes.  You answered all my emails very quickly, you answered my phone calls when I called.  There were no surprises.

Many times you meet wonderful people when you are in a very bad situation.  Per our telephone conversation regarding my movers/ cleaners, etc.  I would HIGHLY recommend this company for any moving or cleaning. The movers were very polite and swift, all the time treating my belongings as if they were their own.  Sarah (company owner) was not just a phone voice, she actually came to both my home and apartment to make sure things were moving and that things were being done correctly, she also did a lot of the cleaning herself.
As you are aware, I have 2 dogs and my son’s puppy. The movers, cleaning personnel and Sarah ALL helped me keep track of my dogs. Not an easy task as one is deaf, one is extremely elderly and ill and one is a small puppy.
Please…if you need good people, use this company.  They are worth more than double what they charge. The personal detail they all provided made them feel like family. Although I never want to move again (LOL) you can be assured, I will use them !!

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