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February 22, 2014 – Kelly C

We hired 4 men for this job because it was going into a 3 bedrm in a 3 floor walk up. The guys were great! Everyone was friendly and helpful. They were there at 6 am. They worked straight through until 11 am. There were no breaks, no one complained about the 3 flights of stairs. I was more concerned than they were! They took apart everything, wrapped everything like it was theirs, They were quick and efficient. I really couldn’t believe how fast they got the job done. They come HIGHLY recommended by us. Great bunch of hard working guys!

March 14, 2014 – Pablo C.

They got there on time, immediately started to work. Were very careful with packing and loading all the furniture in the truck. Were very patient when we arrived at the new apartment and had to wait at least 1/2 hr. while I signed the lease and got the keys. When the time came to unload and place everything at the new place I thought, “Oh boy here we go they’ll probably rush everything in and not bother being careful with the furniture and putting it back together correctly”. I WAS WRONG, they were very meticulous about bringing everything in and putting it all together. Thank you guys I’d defenetly use your services again!

April 26-30, 2013 – Edna J.

Team was very professional and knew their business. They worked very hard and took very few breaks. Nothing was broken and I had two full 26ft truck loads. On the day of my unload, the elevator broke and all the crew had to carry ALL items up five flights of stairs, did not complain one time or slow down one bit. Packed and unpacked some things, filled trucks, stored trucks for 3 days at last minute as my floors were not finished being tiled, unloaded.

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