How To Save Time When Moving

Moving is always affiliated with a lot of time being spent on organization, preparation, and not to mention the move itself. Most of the time, planning a move by you or with someone inexperienced, can make things difficult and string out the process. There are a few essential things you can do to save time, and in return make your move more efficient.


From the start of planning a move, all the way to the finish, it can take months to plan a steady, smooth move. Time is an essential asset for everyone: someone making a move to a new city, new job, etc. or for someone trying to make a career in the moving business. That is why knowing how to save time for a move is the most important asset of the business.


First and foremost, you should sit down and organize your move with a professional moving company, such as Woody and Sons. The key to making the most efficient move is organization. This means taking the time to sit down and plan out the move with the company of your choosing. Before sitting down and taking the time to discuss your move, you can obtain a FREE Moving Quote to give you an idea of what a move would cost, and what does the move include.


If you do not want to use the services of a moving company, you will need to find people to help you. This means that you will need to speak with neighbors, relatives, friends, and colleagues for who is available on the day of your move. The sooner you ask family and friends, the more likely they will be able to pencil you into their schedules and help you out. Also, a good way to have people help you and show your appreciation is to order pizza for everyone to snack on or eat for lunch so that they will feel appreciated and rewarded from helping.


The next essential step in saving time in the moving process is to write everything down. Write down what you want to move, deadlines for changing utilities, things to do like cancel subscriptions, documents to take out from schools, doctor offices, and vets.


You can then make a list with the tasks you need to accomplish. You can make daily list, weekly list, etc. Prioritize what is most important to you and keep that at the top. You can also mark how long your estimated time to completion is, and depending on the time of day, when it can be accomplished. Some tasks may only be able to be accomplished during normal work hours of 9 to 5. Distribute the things to do for every week, and when the week comes, distribute the tasks for the day. A simple break of five minutes in the morning will be enough to help you optimize your work for the day.


After completing your planning and notes, you can decide on what you will want to move. Most of the time, it is best not to take everything with you. This presents a good time to have a garage sale, donate to an organization, such as a church or center, and to give items away to family and friends. To help estimate how much moving supplies you will need, ask the moving company so then you are not short, rushing to the store at the last minute, or have too much excess, wasting valuable dollars on unused materials.


You should always get the packing supplies in advance, unless the moving company offers supplies through them at a used-only rate. By doing that, they will take back any unused materials, saving you money. Otherwise you will want to purchase everything in advance so you are not rushing to the store at the last minute. You will save an enormous amount of time by going and doing one-stop shopping.


You should always pack well, pack smart. Label the boxes with a list of the contents inside them, and which room they belong to. By doing this, when unpacking, you will know exactly which room to take the boxes too, and exactly what you are unpacking in a specific order.


You will also want to gather all sensitive and important files and documentation. Make a file with important paperwork such as: doctor records, school records, insurance paperwork, employment contracts, bank documents, etc.


Lastly you should make a floor plan. When you or the movers unload the boxes and bags from the truck or van, you will save countless hours by already knowing where you would like to place everything. A good idea is to place labels on the doors in your new place to make it easier for movers and helpers to know which each room is considered.


This simple list with tips on what to do to save time before relocating will help you optimize your move for sure. Our advice is simple but efficient. Do you know more tips on saving time when moving? Let us know, and you can also read our other articles for moving tips and advice.

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How To Check A USDOT Number

For every move there are a number of things you can do to make your planning or travel much more simple. One of these things is to check the USDOT of the moving company you are using such as Woody and Sons. You may wonder what a USDOT is. It is a census number that is given out to transport companies of passengers and cargo by the FMCSA. Most states only give out this number to companies that ship from state to state, but some states require any moving company to have it with even intrastate moves. This is a unique number given to each and every transport company, which gives information about the mover’s compliance with a number of regulations.


Planning transport and moving for your household items must start somewhere when beginning the relocation process. There are a few instructions that you should follow when hiring a moving company. The USDOT will reveal a number of these important details.


The first thing when you find out the USDOT of any moving company is to read about their operating status. It will be clearly printed if the company is out of service, active, or authorized for(…). If a company is listed as out of service, they have either gone out of business or are not regulated for moving in your state, or any state for that matter. If a company is listed active, they are allowed to work and transport in your states and other states as well. Extra additions to active will follow with “authorized for…”. This will describe what extra activities and transporting the company is eligible for.


The next item on the list after finding the USDOT is the contact details. This will provide you with the name, and phone number of the moving company, allowing you to contact and gain any useful information that may not be given over the website.


Another number, which may be unclear at first is the MC/MX/FF numbers. These are given out again by the FMCSA, which gives the company permission for interstate operations. It is issued by the Interstate Commerce Commission and should be represented in this field.


Power units are another field represented when reviewing the USDOT number. Power units are the number of leased vehicles by the relocation company. Many people are moving in the summer months, and this number can change temporally by the demand for moving from that company.


Carrier operations are listed with the USDOT as well. Carrier operations are a more detailed list than the operating status for a company. This gives more detail on the states allowed for transport, and operations that they company is allowed to carry out.


A very important number listed as well, and hopefully is zero, is the number of crashes a company has been apart of. You would not want your personal items and valuables being handled by a moving company with a history of accidents.


The last area to view is the Carrier safety rating, which shows the compliance of the moving company with the FMCSA’s Safety Regulations. This ratings is to a large extent, given based on an interview with the management of the moving company. The best result would be if this field shows “satisfactory”. This results in that there were no major non-compliances with the safety regulations of the FMCSA. If it says “conditional”, it means there was some non-compliance with one or more safety requirements. Lastly, “unsatisfactory” rating shows the mover is greatly out of compliance with the safety regulations and should not be hired.


The information given may sound unimportant but every step you make towards selecting a moving company will help you make a better choice. Checking the USDOT number is just the first thing to do out of several steps before hiring a moving company and planning your move. Obtaining the USDOT number is very useful and a great start for your relocation company research.


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How To Get Your Security Deposit Back From Your Landlord

The security deposit is a normal part of any lease when renting a place to stay. It is usually the amount of 1 to 3 months lease, depending on the place, and your landlord holds onto it as compensation while you live there in case you damage part of the rental property or do not pay rent for a month or so. Once you have signed a lease and paid your security deposit, you will want to do everything you can while living there to ensure you will be able to gain that original deposit back at the end. It is not usually easy to get your security deposit back, unless you know the right things to do.


Your landlord has the right to use the security deposit to cover certain expenses related to you, and otherwise, you are obliged to have it returned to you at the end of your lease. Sadly, not all landlords know the law and even if they do, they do not comply with it. Knowing your rights and how to protect yourself in such a situation is the best thing to do.


If you have already paid your security deposit for your new rental but have changed your mind for any reason, you should plan on getting your security deposit back. The first thing to do is to read your contract and contact your landlord right away. The lease should mention the amount of the security deposit, the rent amount, and when it is due. The lease agreement should also mention the conditions for getting the security deposit back. No matter, whether you have already moved in to the property or you have changed your mind to do so, once you have signed the lease this contract becomes binding for both you and your landlord. In both cases you should send a written notice to your landlord for ending the lease. In a way this is breaching the contract because it was signed for a certain period of time.


Usually the deadline for sending the notice to end the lease early in most states is 30 days. If you don’t send one, you still owe rent and your landlord could use your security deposit for it. Send the notice by certified mail, request a return receipt and keep a copy of it for yourself. Keep the receipt and the copy of the notice together. If something goes wrong and you go to small claims court, you will have this proof you have complied with the contract.


If you manage to find someone to rent the unit instead of you earlier, which is known as sublease, you will not have to pay as much rent. That is if someone rents the place from a date sooner than the last one of your 30-day notices. You will owe rent until that person moves in, and the new tenant continues to pay the rent on that lease. Technically you owe rent for the time until the lease expires; if you do not pay the rent, it could be deducted from your security deposit or until someone rents the unit instead of you. If you are the only tenant and you’re moving out, the situation is simpler. If you are renting the unit with other people as well and you are the only person leaving, talk to the others or to the landlord about getting your security deposit back. The landlord is not obliged to give it to you if not all cotenants are moving out. That would take some negotiation between you and the landlord.


Your landlord should have your new address because if you cannot be located, in some states the law says your landlord can keep the deposit. Each state has different rules and regulations as to when and how your landlord should give you the security deposit back. Check what they are for your state so you know how to protect your rights.


After you move out, the landlord will go to inspect the unit and in some states you have the right to be there and be present. This is good because if there are some final fixtures to be done or some cleaning, you can handle it so that you could end your lease peacefully and get your security deposit back. If you haven’t taken proper care of the unit when leaving, as mentioned in your contract, the landlord has the right to cover damages and arrange for extra cleaning to be done on your behalf, that is by paying for it with your security deposit. Your security deposit can also be used for paying utility bills. You are not responsible for normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear is appliances that wore out, colors of the walls that have faded, carpet that is worn away, etc. You are responsible for doing a final cleaning as well, which you will want to make sure that you are aware of what your landlord expects you to do so you don’t under or over do it. If you, your pets or guests have caused any damages, again, it is your duty to fix them.


It is important to be aware of your contract when you are first signing your lease. Next, you will want to be aware of your living situation: do you have any roommates? What kind of shape are the appliances, walls, and carpet in? Taking care of your home is an important part to reassuring yourself of being able to obtain your security deposit upon move out. Lastly, make sure to leave your rental cleaner, and in better shape than when you arrived so that you will ensure yourself and your landlord of being able to reclaim your security deposit.


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Why Is Moving So Hard?

Moving is tough for everybody because of the time, effort, and energy it takes from you. Planning a move can take a lot of energy to organize everything and try your best to make sure the job is done correctly the first time. It takes money to pay for a move, it is stressful on your mind and body, and usually consist of leaving your current friends and family behind. It is difficult for anyone to relocate without any stress or worry. That is why it is important to understand what is moving and why it is so hard and difficult on someone.


To help make a move easier and less stressful, it is good to know what you’re getting into ahead of time, and understanding and focusing on what is at hand. This will help you pay more attention during the relocation and allow you to focus on what needs to be done.


Moving is a time consuming process. From deciding what to pack or leave, taking time to purchase packing materials, choosing a moving company such as Woody and Sons, and looking for a new place to buy or rent, a move could take months, and sometimes a year, depending on how large it is. Woody and Sons is determined to make your move less stressful, better organized, and more efficient than any move you have had before. A way to shorten the process of a move and decide what needs to be done for you in a move is to get a free moving quote.


Moving is expensive as well as time consuming. You have to purchase packing material; how many boxes will it take to pack your current home? You will have to get packing paper, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, tape, and much more. To not run into the problem of being short on packing material, Woody and Sons can help you throughout the whole process and make sure you are ready for the move, and making sure you and all your belongings get to your destination safely.


The cost of living is another factor when moving to a new place. In the first month or two you will want to make sure you have sufficient financial supplies to make sure you can continue to live in your means until you start getting paid from your new job. If you have family with you, such as kids or spouse, you will need to consider their expenses as well. You will need to do research for the cost of living in the part of the country you will be living. The salary you currently are receiving right now may not be enough for you to sustain the same lifestyle in a different U.S. state.


Moving is a stressful process from beginning to end. Moving changes almost everything in your life. It could even change the way you treat and take care of yourself. If you are determined to get all the moving done in a set time, you may miss meals, not be able to exercise, or just take a moment for yourself to relax. If you are moving to a different climate, or a new job, you may not have time to settle into your new home or find places similar to activities you did back at home before starting your new job.


With the move you get a lot of changes a new place to live, a new job with new colleagues in a new place, new friends, new places to go to and enjoy, and so much more. A move changes your life and it could also change your lifestyle. It gives you so much new things that you and your family need to adapt to, that it will take you time, and some effort and patience on your behalf could make things better quicker.

Moving is hard work how you will do it and what you achieve with it is up to you. Enjoy the new start in your life, hope for the best, look for things to enjoy in your new life and you will surely make it worth!


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Planning Your Moving Party

Moving to a new area is a big deal of excitement and stress for people. Besides just planning the move, getting everything packed, and preparing yourself and your family for the move, there are also other people that you are affecting. Your friends and family that currently live near you will not have the luxury of that anymore. To help ease this time and make time for saying goodbye for now to the people you care about, having a moving party is a great idea.


Planning a moving party can just add another item to your move out checklist, but it is worth the extra time spent. The first tip in planning a moving party is to start early. Everyone else has a life going on besides just you, so giving everyone notice in advance can help ensure that they are able to attend. By having your friends and family confirm who can attend allows you to plan accordingly for the food, drinks, games, space, etc. that you will need. You can prepare fun relocation invitations to send out to your guest, and either send them through the postal service or email. Your invitation should not only include the time and date of the party, but also the theme if you plan on having one. It is also a good reminder to send your guest a reminder one week in advance of the party to confirm that they all still plan on attending.


Next, you should choose a theme for the party! You may think, why would I have a theme for a moving party, or what could it be? It is a good idea to plan the theme of the party based on the reason for moving. If you are going to college, have it as a themed party for your school. If you are just moving to a new state, such as Texas, Hawaii, etc. have it as a state themed party where people dress in similar styles to that state. You will also want to match the decorations accordingly to the theme of your party to get the party an overall essence to the attendees.


Another idea for a moving party is if you still need help with common moving tasks. Invite you friends and family over to help pack for a while, or load up things if you are not using a moving service. You can then reward them with food and drinks for a fun filled afternoon or evening of partying. This is a great idea for a moving party if you are limited on time and need extra help. Friends and family will help you get organized and the more people there the easier the job will be. Good food options, which will make it easy on you and easy on the bank is Chinese, pizza, wings, or a BBQ with burgers and hot dogs.


Have you ever been at a good party without music? No? Then don’t let it be yours either. Have the music playlist ready to entertain your guest and keep them in an upbeat mood. This will help pass the time of working, and allow your guest to have some fun with each other. This can also bring on some entertaining, sporadic breakout of dancing. As you are hosting your party, take in the memories. You do not want to forget this is the last time you will be seeing most of these people for a while, and you will want to take time to talk to each of them.


No matter if you are hosting a normal party or having your guest help you move, plan some games. You can play throughout the party or play after the work is done. This will just be another reason to allow your guest to have some fun and bring in the memories together.


Moving is no easy task to put on any one individual. It is always a good idea to ask for help from family and friends, and otherwise hire Woody and Sons to take care of everything for you.


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Moving Into A High Rise

With the economy turn around we have been experiencing of late, and more people moving to “Mega Cities” and to new developing cities, there is a good chance you may have the option to live in a high rise very soon. Cities such Austin, TX and Tampa, FL are estimated to rise in population heavily by the year 2020. Many companies have been planning relocations of their headquarters to these two cities, bringing thousand of jobs with them. As these cities become more populated, you will continue to see not only the suburbs around them grow, but new buildings shooting up everywhere. If you want to live close to work to save on commute time, a high rise may be the perfect fit for you.


Once you have decided to live in a high rise, it takes time to consider what it will be like living in one. Bigger cities can make it challenging to find a place that fits your needs financially, educationally in case you have kids, and requirements with pets, etc. Begin searching for a new home as soon as you have set your mind on a high rise. You should explore the price ranges, locations, and policies to find yourself the best fit and deal.


Next, when deciding on where to live, look around and explore the neighborhood. Are you looking for restaurants, art plazas, museums, or a small quaint coffee house? You will also want to see how the neighborhood is for safety. Will you want a doorman or security on the premise? A key tip to finding the most places available is to look in the winter. Less people tend to move in the winter, which would give you less competition, but this can also mean that less people are moving out.


After settling in on your high rise and signing your lease or purchase note, you will want to consider the space you have available. High rises tend to be smaller than normal homes meaning you will need to limit what you move. This is the perfect segway to cleaning, donating, and throwing out your current stuff. You may not have the option of a garage, and in return need to have a garage sale or obtain a storage unit. After deciding what to take with you, and moving everything in, you will want to have the locks changed at your new place guaranteeing a sense of security for you and your possessions.


You will also want to prepare a floor plan in advance of your move. Inventory everything you plan on moving and then set up a plan to arrange everything to take advantage of your space as best as you can. We recently wrote an article on the best way to prepare a floor plan.


You can read that article here: Making a great floor plan!


When moving your things in, schedule to have a parking space and elevator reserved on your moving day. This will allow ease to move things in and not constantly waiting for the elevator to come to your floor or car. Make sure to make the reservations a couple of weeks in advance to allow adequate time for the manager to make preparations.


Moving into a hire rise may seem like a tall task and consist of a lot of moving parts. Woody and Sons is completely prepared to help with this process. From setting up pick and pack up, to moving in and unpacking, we can do it all. If you are planning on living in a high rise, it will be worth the time to call Woody and Sons to prepare and plan the move for you so you are not stuck carrying and moving items up to the 15th floor by yourself in a new city.


Moving into a high rise apartment or condo is a great opportunity for you to start your life all over again. This could be an exciting adventure that will take you to a new place with new neighbors, and new and interesting places.


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How to Live With Your Parents Again

Are you thinking about moving back in with your parents? Whether it is after college, a breakup, divorce, after having a child, whether you are 25 or 40, there are many reasons for the move. You may be trying to save money, lost your job, or needing to take care of elderly parents. For any reason, we have compiled some useful tips to help the relocation back into their home easy on both parties. Moving back into your parents’ house may not be your biggest dream, or even if you are looking forward to it, there are a few must-do’s to help both parties adapt to the situation best.


The first thing to do when moving back in is to sit down and set up some rules for everyone in the household to follow. You may not be a little boy or girl anymore, and your parents need to understand that. Try asking them to knock on your bedroom door before entering, or any other specific requests that need to be followed. This will allow your parents to understand you more. On the other hand, you need to respect your parents by not having your room a mess all of the time, and helping out on the housework. Discuss with your parents what their expectations are for your new living arrangements to be allowed to continue staying in their home.


Next, you should be clear about who needs what. Since you are no longer a kid, talk about money with your parents; are you needing help with money, are they needing help with rent or a mortgage, or will it be a give and take situation depending on weeks. Being clear about what everyone needs and is going through will help everyone in the home understand each other and their responsibilities. By being honest up front with your parents, it will allow everyone to feel more comfortable in the living situation.


A very important task to do is to set a clock. Are you living with your parents for a few months in between school semesters, or are you want to stay there while looking for the right job? By setting a specific time up front, it allows everyone to stay accountable and have a purpose on what needs to be done. This will allow you to stay motivated, and have other help motivate you to stay on track for your goals.


You should also continue to live your life while staying with your parents. You should go out and hang out with your friends, continue your hobbies, and finding new things that interest you. You should continue doing everything you liked doing before moving back to your parents house, unless it was the reason you were forced to move back in. Your parents may not be used to you getting up early, sleeping late, or staying out late, and by being clear about what is going on and where you are at, will help everyone become more comfortable with the situation as it continues along.


Never forget to take advantage of the opportunity while you are home. Whether it is your mom washing your clothes and doing the dishes, or your dad working with tools, try to learn new things that you can take away when you move out again. You will have a different look on how things were since the last time you lived with your parents. If you are back at home because you are helping them in their old age, trying to do what your mom or dad did when you were younger. You will be responsible for the cooking, cleaning, and taking them out on activities so they are not cooped up at home day after day.


Lastly, when moving back home, you need to only take the necessities. You will not need two toasters, double the utensils in the kitchen, etc. Take whatever your parents do not have that you use on a daily basis, and take advantage of this time to sell or give away the rest. This will allow you to either supply your friends with some nice gifts, or put a little extra cash in your pocket before heading home.


Overall, living with your parents could be a good or bad situation. If you follow these tips and take advantage of living there, you will be able to make everyone’s time more enjoyable and efficient.


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How To Prepare For Moving To A New College

Starting college is a new adventure that will bring you lots of new experiences, fun, great times and of course a learning opportunity that can help you improve your knowledge and look for a job later in life. It is the transition between being a student and becoming an adult. Universities have their relocation policies, which you should observe. The information about it is uploaded on the university’s website so review it as you get your acceptance confirmation. This will give you enough time to prepare. In the meantime, when it comes to the question of how to move to a university, here are some tips and suggestions that can make this exciting experience less difficult for you and everyone around you, and better organized. Especially if this is your first time moving out, it would be understandable if you feel a bit nervous as well, but after reviewing our tips, it will make moving to a new college a lot easier.


There is a list of things that are essential for your move and we will discuss them bellow. Of course, if you miss or forget something, you can always get it after you move there. To begin with, have in mind that you will have at your disposal only a small room and there won’t be much space. So, only take items that you are sure will be useful and will come handy. Otherwise you better leave it behind. Of course, make sure you are aware of what the university dorm has in the first place, and consider what else you will need to bring or buy after your arrive there.


Prepare a suitcase with your clothes and shoes for the school year and put the rest in boxes. Make sure it is an appropriate size because you will need to find a place in your room to keep it until you need it again it may be under the bed or behind the door. Items that are larger and heavier that occupy lots of space could be omitted from the packing and you could get them after you arrive at your new residence.


Different universities have different rules: there are dormitories where you will get a whole apartment for yourself with a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. In other dorms you will have a room to yourself while the other premises will be shared, but you may have to get pots and pans. In still other universities rooms you could share, and the kitchen is at the end of the hall for everyone there to use. Some universities offer a choice and you can select what level of privacy and convenience you wish to have. It ranges from being alone in a room or apartment which is the most expensive option, while other universities, especially such with lower education costs, for example universities in Eastern Europe just put you up in a double room. You may be alone only if you get lucky because there are fewer students than beds.


You will usually find in a dorm some basic furniture like a bed, a desk, a small wardrobe, shelves and a table. Some universities apply restrictions as to what you can bring, so acquaint yourself before the move. Other than that, you can consider taking the minimum from the list that follows and buy the other things you need after you arrive.


If you have a health condition like epilepsy or other, you may decide to inform your roommates and the other students in the corridor where you keep your meds and what to do in case you need medical assistance.Your parents can take you to the university but if there is another student going to the same city, you can share a ride together. It will be more fun! Or you can ask someone to drive you there and you could cover the cost for the drive. If you’ve decided to move more things, and you need transportation, you can rent a van and drive it yourself, or ask movers to do it for you. You can also find a friend, or a relative, who is willing to help. Making an inventory list with what to bring can help your move.


Moving to college can be a scary thing, but by organizing your belongings, researching information, and having others help can make your move to your new college much more enjoyable.


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Surprising Packing Tips & Tricks For Help Moving

Packing essentially takes up most of the time of a move. From packing boxes, to furniture, to clothes and small trinkets, It is inevitably a time-consuming task. We have previously spoken about simple and common tips and tricks for packing and moving. Today, we are going to cover some unpopular, and not so traditional, tips for packing and moving.


The first trick, which some may already do, when it comes to packing clothes, is to roll them. By rolling your clothes instead of folding them, you will be able to fit more items into the same space, making room to pack other materials and items. When you are packing clothes, instead of packing them into boxes, try packing them into your suitcases and other bags that you are planning on packing and bringing with you anyway. When packing your clothes, only pack the essentials. Check the weather of your new home, so you will be able to prepare what you need while waiting for you boxes. Next, think about the items you will need during that time of waiting. Will you need your computer, tablet, games, etc.? For example, maybe your child is having a birthday at this moving time; what can you do to make sure that you bring everything you need for the birthday, but still only pack the essentials.


A great tip, that I have recently heard a lot lately is to pack clothes that are old and you won’t be wearing much longer. Instead of having to bring these back into your new home, after you wear them on your move, donate or throw them away. This will help with the amount of items you move into your new house, clutter, and if you donate, will be beneficial for a good cause. This will surprisingly save you a great amount of time from packing and arranging.


Nowadays, with easy access to photo taking through phones, tablets, etc., this is a great way to stay organized during your move. Take photos of each box that you pack after it is labeled. Just take one picture per box. By doing this, when the movers show up with your stuff, you will be able to find out if you are missing anything, and know exactly what it is. This will save you from either not knowing, or having to figure out what you are missing. Photograph your travel bags as well. In this case, you will be able to figure out if anything gets lost, and be prepared what you need to buy in the meantime.


Next, use socks to pack more socks. By packing pairs of socks inside a single sock, this will surprisingly take up less space, and keep your socks organized with no chance of getting lost. Pack a single backpack full of money, credit cards, documents, photos, laptop, and any other important items and information. This bag will stay with you at all times and should be your number one priority. As you pack your other bags, place your ear buds in old medicine containers. Most people do not think of their ear buds rolling all over their bag and boxes collecting bacteria. Then, most people do not sanitize these ear buds before placing them in their ears.


The number one thing to take away is to prioritize. Place your most unused items at the bottom of boxes. If you are not going to need a jacket anytime soon, place your jackets at the bottom of clothing boxes. Instead, place common items such as a change of clothes, underwear, and toiletries at the top of the box. This will allow you to grab these items immediately, instead of digging through boxes and overturning items.


The last tip to use when moving that may seem uncommon is to fill in the blanks. If there is room in boxes because of awkward items such as a vase or lamp, fill in the blanks with clothing, socks, and other soft items that will protect the fragile item and save you space.


Hopefully these useful tips and tricks will help you the next time when making a move or even going on a trip.


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The Hidden Costs Behind Moving Companies

Every move can have hidden moving costs. It is very important to read your moving contract before signing it to make these “hidden” fees, not hidden to you anymore. By reading through your contract, you will see that most movers will charge extra for certain situations and specific conditions happening during the move. It is your responsibility to read over this contract and stay up to date with the moving company to make sure you are informed of any extra fees or conditions.


The main reason people complain about hidden costs is because of packing supplies. Some people before reading over their contract will assume that packing supplies come with the moving price and are just unlimited. Most of the time packing supplies are an extra cost, unless already stated differently in your contract. To go along with the supplies, some moving companies will charge you extra fees to pack your items as well as moving them.


The next hidden fee behind moving is bulky items. This is a very specific rule to read over in your contract. Bulky items usually consist of items that can not fit through your normal door, weigh over a set weight, or are too large to pick up by hand. A few good examples of bulky items are pool tables, pianos, and large beds that cannot be dissembled. This is a simple relocation cost that you can prepare for or avoid depending on the items.


Another hidden fee that goes along with large items is known as a hoisting fee. If you have items that cannot go through your normal door, like large couches, beds, etc. Most of the time, you should realize what items you have that are of significant size and cannot be taken apart. This will allow you to put aside funds to cover these expenses. If you do not inform the movers ahead of time, it will cause setbacks on your moving out date, add extra fees, and cause a lack of organizing. It is always good to measure your furniture in advance to avoid bulky items and a hoisting fee.


Then there is sometimes an elevator fee depending on the situation. You may have to pay to reserve an elevator through the building manager to use during your move. If you are able to talk to the manager and get the elevator at your requested time, you may not have to pay a fee.


Another fee that you may not have been informed about is charges for extra stops. Extra stops and pick-ups are both common for being charged extra for. If you are needing more items picked up along the way, at a storage unit or family member’s house, moving companies may tact on extra fees. In another case, you may want items dropped off at separate places; they may also charge you extra for multiple drop locations.


Then, there is also an express delivery fee. If you are wanting your items to be moved, packed, or delivered quicker, you can discuss it with the company, but expect extra costs. Short distance moves usually take less time than out of state relocations. If you are wanting your items to an out of state location in a minimal amount of days, you may wish you to pay extra for an express delivery.


The last fee you should beware of is when cancelling a move. If you want to cancel your moving services that you have requested from a moving company, there may be extra fees added if you do not meet the deadline. In your contract, the cut-off for cancelling your moving services will be listed. After paying a deposit, and wanting to cancel, your moving company may have the right to collecting your deposit as a cancellation fee. Usually you can avoid this if you cancel well in advance, rather than a few days before.


As you can see, understanding your written estimate well and being informed about what your quote includes is crucial to knowing your moving budget well. The hidden costs of moving companies can be avoided and/ or controlled when you know about them. Some of them cannot be avoided when the circumstances are like so but when you do know in advance about them, you can plan more precisely your moving budget.



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